Once upon a time…

There was a little girl who saw rainbows

around people, animals, plants…

but when she tried to tell what she saw she was shushed.

She learned to keep secret what she saw…

which made her sad

She knew things before they happened to people she loved

She knew she could help them if she could only tell

what she saw and explain to them.

But they grew afraid when she tried.

So she learned to keep quiet

Still she knew things before they happened…

So she tried to help people without telling them what she saw.

She told them her imaginings…

and they praised her imagination.

Today she is no longer a little girl and she tells people

who say…WOW, you are amazing!

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Type II Diabetes making me sing the blues

Why is this so hard for me?! I believe the diabetes (type II) turns my brain to mush when it is too high or too low. Which is most of the time these days it seems. Zaps energy levels until I can barely get to bedroom or kitchen or my recliner in the living room! Weirdly enough it was very well controlled while I was homeless for about 10 months. Stress makes it worse and man was I stressed!!After I finally was able to get into our current home it went downhill!

For example right now I feel shaky, light-headed and am having the the light sweat I associate with low blood sugar (which is 60 or below according to the AMA) but I just tested it and it is 146 which is about right for me when my medication and diet are on track. So many things can throw it wacky though. It’s been very frustrating for me to re-learn how to live this all over again.

Weight gain had a lot to do with it spiraling/plunging out of control! But how do you exercise when you are shaky, lightheaded and cold sweating?! It is a struggle! I will beat this!

I have seen a comprehensive study using vegan catered meals vs ADA (American Diabetes Association) catered meals done 3 separate times. The people eating the vegan meals dropped pounds and lowered their blood sugar levels without adding extra exercise.

So I am slowly incorporating vegan meals into my treatment. My youngest son Chance is vegan and has been very supportive with lots of suggestions. He told me, “don’t worry if you can’t switch all at once. Start making recipes by substituting vegan replacements. And throw in a vegan meal once a day to start.” This helps me tons!

To feel vital and full of energy again would be wonderful!

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